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Don't waist your money hiring those GEEKS to install Home Theater System! Just because they read the manual does not mean they are HD installation experts! Tired of waiting for your local telephone provider? Toner Communications & Construction is at your service.  Our team of communications professionals can restore and diagnose service interruptions almost immediately. Never miss a day of work waiting for a service appointment, TCC answers calls at your convenience.  Don't let a service interruption hurt your business, TCC is here to help.
Tired of your slow wireless service?  TCC can hardwire your home or business network for optimal speed and security!
We specialize in communication services:
  • Home Theater Installation
  • New Construction
  • CAT6 or CAT5e wiring
  • Repairs
  • Upgrades
  • Networking
  • Emergencies
  • System Installations
  • Security and Performance
  • Hardwired Gaming Systems
  • Nanny Cams
TCC now can install and supply our customers with HVTV hidden television mounts and custom TV cabinetry!
HVTV mounts allow you to hide your flat screen TV behind a picture of your choice. When the game is on or the company leaves, simply flip the frame and enjoy your favorite team.
Please check out their amazing designs and view pricing at:

CUSTOM TV Cabinetry!


Here are some examples of  TCC's quality workmanship:
Below is what your place can look like after a TCC 5.1 surround sound installation. See the big ugly speakers? No you don't because TCC believes that the components for your surround system should be heard not seen.
Can you see the surround system? Probably not, TCC dosen't believe in messing with the ascetics of the room.
Most quality surround systems have huge and ugly subwoofers. TCC opted here to mount the 8
Above is the powered 8" sub. I know it is hard to see and that is the point.
Here is a picture of one of the home audio selector/controls.
Here you can see the volume/source control for the home audio system.
Can you see the cable box? No you wont, TCC installed everything in the closet for a neat and clean look.
These two TV set-ups came out great. The cable boxes, DVD players and network connections are neatly tucked away in the closet for a clean polished look.
Above, you will find a Media Center recently installed during the apartment renovation. What's in the picture? Upper right CAT6 patch panel, Upper left Six room home audio system, Middle left telephone network and home theater data ports, Middle left CISCO 16 port smart switch and lastly, Lower left cable TV connections.
Below you can see the difference between a TCC's quality work when compared to other installation companies.
This is what the customers network looked like after a TCC restoration.
This is what the customers data network looked like after another self considered professional installed the wiring.
The above two pictures are of a Samsung 60" LCD installation accompanied by an Anthony Gallo Acoustic Sound System. Do you see any wires? That is right TCC installed this system on a brick wall and was able to conceal the wires!
Above is a picture of a two mount 4 50" Television installation just recently completed by TCC.
Above is a 55" Samsung TV installation using the Samsung snug mount. Can you see any wires? Not with a custom TCC installation you won't.
Above you will see the system input for a four source home audio system. Please be sure to check out the before pictures of how another company installed a one source system in the same location. Below, you can see the quality wire management TCC is known for.
Above is a system installation of a 6 computer network, shared printer, 12 extension telephone system and 2 wireless routers.
In the above picture, you can see the quality work performed by TCC.  Where is the cable box or DVD player?  TCC hid the components in a cabinet and programmed an Infra-red remote that sends signals through the HDMI cable.
Here is another example of the type of work TCC's customers can expect.
TC&C is now proud to announce that we have added  AUTOMATED Home Installations to the list of services we now offer our customers!! 
The Future is here Embrace it!
  • Turn home lighting on/off
  • Adjust HVAC settings
  • Even adjust blinds for security
All from your I PHONE, PDA or web connected computer!
 Telecommunications Consulting & Construction would be pleased to be your technology partner.
Please call today for a service appointment!
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